Beyond The Brand

On October 1, 2021, the inception of 3AM Street Apparel began. Ever since then, the principles that have held the brand together have been showing and proving a passion for success, sacrifice, and dedication.

Have you ever decided to stay home and work on your craft or passion while your friends went out to party? Have you ever stayed up late studying for an exam while others were sleeping? It takes sacrifice to put your mind into overdrive, along with the wherewithal to do so during those long late nights in order to pass that exam. It also takes a certain amount of maturity and poise to skip fun nights with friends so that in the future you have the luxury of having as many fun nights as you would like because that hard work, drive, and dedication paid off in the long run. 

There's a certain joy in giving up what's not as important in the moment to reach your end goal; it builds morale and character. Complacency and procrastination have no seat at the tables we're putting together.

The hours may get long, dreary, treacherous, and tiresome, but who said it would be easy? It's nothing more than a microcosm of everyday life itself. It's a great mindset to live your life with as you become more mature and experienced in the years to come, so this will allow you to bypass temporary fun in order to achieve permanent success.  

You do what you may with those 24 hours because that exam, that basketball practice, or that business venture is going to be looking at you around the corner before you know it. So why not be ready instead of having to get ready? In no way does the meaning of 3:AM mean that everything is meant to happen in one day. The process will come with many bad moments, but don't let those moments turn into bad days, months, or years. Rome wasn't built in one day; it took time.

The things you want in life take time, and it's how you utilize the time you have that ultimately defines who you are. No step is too small; the only thing that matters is that you have the ability to walk into your dreams instead of waiting for them to knock at your front door.

A mentality of crawling before you walk and jogging before you sprint, as long as you never stop while you're on your way to the finish line, will get you that much closer. The brand 3:AM stands on these principles, but your journey is also our journey, so let's sacrifice and win together!

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.” - Lucille Ball

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