Q&A With 3:AM Street Apparel CEO & Founder

We sat down with Omar, founder and CEO of 3:AM Street Apparel, to get a more in depth conversation about the inspiration and passion that led him to where he is today; Here's just a quick glimpse of the motivation, inspiration, obstacles, and much more inside the world and creation of 3:AM Street Apparel!


Q: Who's your biggest motivation? And what's one characteristic from them that you apply to yourself? 


A: Ahhh I love this question. I got a few. It’s real tough picking ONE but my biggest motivation if I have to pick one has to be LeBron James. His dedication to his craft has always inspired me. He’s proven himself years and years ago but just keeps going harder and getting better every year and every season. When everyone thinks there’s no way he can get better or his reign is over, he gets better. Even aside from basketball, he’s a genius through all aspects of life. Amazing success in the film industry, doing big things in media with Uninterrupted, put all of his homeboys on with Klutch Sports, one of the biggest agencies in all of agencies currently. One characteristic that I try to apply to myself is how he mastered not only his craft but went on to master so many other crafts while staying focused. It’s easy to lose focus after gaining success but LeBron has never done that. That really inspires and motivates me. I can go on and on about just how motivational LeBron is to me personally but to keep the answer short. LeBron!


Q: With that being said....let's say you got the chance to meet him and you had the opportunity to ask LeBron anything what would it be?


A: Advice! How to maintain focused and dedicated through it all, through all the distractions, all the curveballs life throws at you? That's something none of us will ever figure out completely but some of us have definitely been through more than others and have more experience going through than others so definitely that.


Q: What's one curveball or obstacle in your life that helped mold you both professionally or just in general?


A: I’d realistically have to say Covid & the pandemic. I’m sure a lot of people can relate too since EVERYONE was affected by the pandemic. Nobody was really expecting the world to get completely shutdown like it did at that time. I was a senior in college at the time of the virus and seeing everything get taken away from us that fast was eye opening. Not being able to do the things I even dreaded like going to class was a curveball to my senior year of college. It truly allowed me to be comfortable with myself though, to form new thoughts, and game plans. It molded me to start my path to entrepreneurship with 3:AM Street Apparel. It molded me to growing my platform with something like Twitter and molded me to really lick in that last year of college to attain my civil engineer degree taking senior level classes strictly online. It was something I couldn’t control and really put life into perspective for me. Anything and everything can be taken from us within a blink of an eye and to really make use of every minute and every second because it’s all truly a blessing. Alive, healthy and free.


Q: With everything you've created in all aspects of life what is your ultimate end goal?


A: My ultimate end goal is to not leave any cards turned whether it’s with 3:AM or as a Civil Engineer and to be a positive impact to every single person I encounter throughout life to keep it short. I’m really taking it one day at a time trying to be the greatest version of myself. I tell myself daily to take everything one day at a time. End achievements will come when they come.


Q: I know you mentioned wanting to soak up knowledge and advice from LeBron earlier in our conversation so the opposite side of that would be what advice and knowledge would you give someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?


A: I'll keep this one short. NEVER cheat yourself. It's easy to take shortcuts or cheat the craft whatever your craft may be but end of the day, you're only cheating yourself. This can be elaborated and took in so many different ways but i'll let the person on the other side of this steer that message the way they want to take it.


Q: What's your most unpopular food opinion? 


A: Ranch goes on EVERYTHING. It could be pizza, rice, pasta or French Fries. It does not matter.


Q: If you could have a lifetime supply of anything what would it be?


A: Hot lemon pepper chicken wings are like a dream for me!!


Q: What's something that you can't go a day without?


A: Personally, a charger. I’m on my phone 25/8 for numerous reasons. Just love staying tapped in at all times so I could be going across the street or to the mosque or to a Hawks game. A charger stays in my pockets notable mention, a brush.


Q: As far as expanding your team at 3:AM Street Apparel is that something you're interested in or do you just want to build with the team you have assembled now?


A: Believe it or not. As of rn, the team is just me and one of my homeboys named Faisal. To truly have the brand branch out and reach where I want it to reach. I’d definitely love to build the team and work with experts at different fields.


Q: What dream collaboration whether it be an athlete, influencer, or entertainer would want to partner with 3:AM Street Apparel?


A: May his soul rest in peace, it’d definitely be Virgil. I’d love to work with Mr Put It On aka Gunna too. His sense of fashion is one that always stood out to me. I’m surprised he hasn’t already dabbled into any clothing line or collaborations but if you just scroll through his Instagram. He’s ahead of the curve with the fashion fits.


Q: What role does social media play into your brand or just putting content out as a whole?


A: A huge role. When I first hopped on Twitter a while ago, I used the app strictly to make jokes and have a good time which I still do heavily and allowed me to really gain a good following on Twitter. I would never imagine it being such a huge resource for me though for 3:AM. I used this app to network and market tremendously. A lot of the people I’ve worked with to keep 3:AM running smoothly I’ve met through twitter. The platform I’ve built is really one big family the way I look at it.


Just a quick summary of it all with preparation comes determination and that leads to the inspiration of your dreams coming true as the destination no matter what they may be! Look forward and be on the lookout for future Q&A's, articles, etc all involving 3AM Street Apparel or all things inspired by them!

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